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Need moving supplies?

We offer a variety of moving supplies that are available for purchase by customers of our moving services or by any individual in need. Items for sale and their corresponding prices are listed below for reference.

To place an order please contact Focus Moving Services via the contact form below or by calling 857-316-5058


  • The delivery fee for all orders is $30;
  • To qualify for free delivery, the delivery address must be within a 20 mile radius of Boston, MA, and have a minimum total cost of $80;
  • All products subject to MA sales tax (6.25%);
  • Deliveries are made on Tuesday of every week.

Available supplies

Packing material Types of objects to store in packing material Price
1.5 cu ft carton Books, records, canned goods, tools $5.00
3.1 cu ft carton Small kithcen appliances, lamp bases, electronics, pots and pans $6.00
4.5 cu ft carton Clothes, linens, toys, lamp shades $7.00
5.1 cu ft carton, Dishpack Breakable kitchenware, china, crystal $9.25
6.0 cu ft carton Blankets, pillows, area rugs, coats $5.50
Waredrobe carton for rent Hanging clothes, drapes, curtains $12.50
Wardrobe carton for purchase Hanging clothes, drapes, curtains $45.00
Small mirror carton Small paintings, Mirror $9.00
Large mirror carton Large paintings, Pictures, Mirror $12.00
Flat screen TV carton Flat screen TV $80.00
Packing paper (25 lb. package) Protect dishes, glassware, fragile items $60.00
Packing tape (price per roll) Tape $4.50
Plastic wrap (per item) Protect furniture $8.00
Mattress/Box spring bag Protect mattress $17.00
Paper pads (per sheet) Protect breakables $3.50
Bubble wrap (per foot) Protect breakables $1.50
Bin carton (rental) Extra packing bin $9.00
Blanket (purchase) Fabric pad $37.00
Tool box Tools Included
Murphy bar Moving or shifting heavy items Included
Dollies Moving or shifting heavy items Included

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